Motherhood Photography


3-5 Months

Embrace the tender months of three to five, when your little one gracefully lifts their head, creating a picturesque moment of serenity. Capture the essence of these beautiful bonding times during a luxurious photoshoot, as your baby exudes alertness and warmth. Ideal time to capture bonding breast-feeding moments if desired.

6-9 Months

Indulge in the richness of the sitting stage, where chubby cheeks and soft rolls adorn your baby’s face. At six to nine months, as they sit up with elegance, seize the opportunity for opulent portraits that radiate love and connection, ideal for a mommy and me photoshoot.

9-12 Months

Witness the blossoming personality of your baby as they embark on the journey of crawling, overflowing with vitality and charm. Revel in the candid shots that emanate joy and life, making each moment a luxurious celebration. Consider a mommy and me shoot to enhance the splendor of this magical time.

1 Year

Celebrate the abundant energy and captivating personality of your one-year-old, as they joyfully explore their world with curiosity and zest. While capturing their exuberance in photography is a lavish affair, be prepared for the delightful challenge of their constant movement during this opulent photoshoot experience.